Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sharing Fall goodness

Aren't these pomegranates beautiful?  My sis sent them to me because she knows how much I love to eat them and how I like to take pictures.  

Happy Fall Saturday everyone!

Also stay tuned as I am preparing a scrapbooking giveaway sponsored by MyMemories.  Hope you return and enter.


  1. They're gorgeous, Jenny!! I haven't eaten them in years. When I was about 10 or 11, my neighbor, Mike and I, stole all the pomegranates off ol' Lady Izmun's tree. She was this nasty woman who lived behind my house, but below the street. We would play ball in my backyard and sometimes the ball would go over the fence into her yard. She wouldn't allow us into her yard, after we'd ask politely if we could retrieve our ball.

    So one day, Mike and I were coming back from "the ditch," a favorite place for the neighborhood kids...had lots of fossils there and we saw her tree/bush heavy with pomegranates, so we took as many as we could carry then picked the others off the tree to sit and rot. We sat under our big Mulberry tree in my front yard and ate as many as we could.

    Karma being what it is, we both got very sick of eating so many pomegranates and I haven't touched them since...we're talking over 40 years ago! LOL I never told my own children that story in fear they just might try my revenge tactic!! They found other ways of revenge, unfortunately. Like the night our neighbors had one of their usual loud, obnoxious backyard parties. While their father and I were out, they and the kids adjacent to our backyard wall began throwing eggs over the wall at the party goers. By the time we got home, it was very quiet outside and figured everyone either went home or just passed out...little did we know it was our children who stopped the party...OY!!

    Wow, I sure was on a roll!! LOL Have a great weekend and take care.


  2. Hi Jenny. They look awesome and the are so good. Frida always used them on her stuffed poblano's with sauce over them and pomegranate seeds. Que rico!! Have a wonderful weekend. By the way we have two pomegranate trees in the back. They are giving this year. They've only been in for about two years.


Sweet friends...thank you for your kind comments.