Thursday, February 16, 2012

Missed all of you...but I have a good excuse!

I guess it's time to divulge what has been going on with me.  Ladies it has not been good.

This last year, 2011, was pretty hard on me both physically and emotionally.  I literally thought I was becoming a hypochondriac or was loosing my mind.  I've suffered from migraines for most of my life, however this past year they worsened and I started developing other symptoms.  Extreme fatigue, pressure headaches that worsened when I strained coughed or sneezed, my voice became hoarse, vision problems and dizziness.  Most recently my feet and hands are feeling numb and they tingle when idle.  I know, I know, I sound out of my mind huh?  Well after all the work up and several MRI's, I have a diagnosis - I have Chiari Malformation l - basically my cerebellum has descended into my spinal cord about 1.5 cm., and is interrupting the flow of the protecting fluid that circulates around the brain and spinal cord.  Apparently I was born with this condition and no wonder I have been feeling so lousy.

I was seen at the Stanford Medical Center Neurology Clinic in Palo Alto yesterday will have surgery to correct the problem soon.  It was a struggle getting to this diagnosis, mainly because Chiari Malformation l is not a very well known disease and not many doctors are familiar with the condition.  I am happy that I took the initiative to look into things further and that my doctor did not hesitate to consider my requests or to refer me to specialists.  Ladies don't give up - if you know you feel sick and out of sorts, be persistent, do your research  and hopefully you have a primary doctor like mine - love Dr. Cruz - such a caring and humble doctor.  

I will keep you posted as to when I will have my surgery, probably the end of April or May.  We'll see how things progress. My goal is to finish the school year or until we start winding down but my condition will ultimately dictate this.  

Please keep me in your prayers and don't worry, you'll still see me lurking through your blogs.