Saturday, July 9, 2011

Riki's How to Solder with Rhinestone Chain

A New How To Video by Riki Jewelry  - YAY! I learned how to use my Lenik torch!

For a while now, I have been trying to teach myself how to solder, and I must confess it's not that easy.  I've made some real messes and I gave up a couple of months ago.  I now realize that the soldering iron I have does not reach the proper heat range needed to melt the solder successfully. I've had a Lenik mini torch for years but have never really used it - it kinda scared me.
Well let me tell you...I came across the how to video that Riki  from Romantic Relics is offering through her Etsy Shop.  It's an awsome video, easy to understand and it gets right to the point.  I covers topics simply and straight forward. 
I learned to use my mini torch and how to properly clean and prepare my pieces to receive the flux and solder and a few other trick she gave use.  If your like me and have been afraid to use a torch, try this how to video- you will not regret it.  Riki is vey nice and will answer all our questions.

I haven't finished it yet but I have some ideas.  The more rhinstone chain the better.

The following pictures were taken before I cleaned the piece.  Frankly I was not sure if it would clean up.  I thought I had scorched it beyond repair.

 My handy dandy Lenik LPT 200 mini torch - now my friend!

I was able to clean it very nicely so don't be afraid if your piece seems scorched too.

I can see this one is going to be beautiful.

Take care my friends - I've missed you all.


  1. Wow Jenny! I am so honored with this post. Thank you for your kind words. I am just thrilled it was the impetus you needed to go to the next step for your work. That is so rewarding to me. Again, thank you so much, and keep playing and creating, it looks great. Take care, Riki

  2. I wanted to learn how to do that too and it's a bit intimidating to me, I don't think I'm ready yet. I'm so glad that you tried it and it looks great! Glad you're back.

  3. You did a great job - very pretty! I bought supplies and took one class about a year and half ago. I have a lot to learn and had planned to take another class, but the shop closed. Have sorta lost interest now.

  4. Hey Chica, I love your piece. I would like to get into that, but "time isn't on my side," unlike Mick Jagger, but have you seen him lately....sheesh...viego feo!! LOL

    Missed you too and glad you're back. Keep us all posted on your new work...lovin' your stuff.


  5. Riki is so so talented and generous!! you did great job with this cuff, can't wait to see it finish!! it will be amazing, brass, Marie, rhinestones.. the perfect combo!! love the "cloisonné" flower , so chic!

  6. Very nice work. I also stopped at your studio tour which was just awesome but I couldn't leave a comment so I leave it here. Awesome work space. Have a great weekend.

  7. Loved your studio ~ it's so bright and pretty. What a great idea to use Yankee Candle jars for storage. practical and pretty all at the same time.

    The jewelry piece inthis post is very pretty!


Sweet friends...thank you for your kind comments.