Friday, July 2, 2010

My First Random Post

Blogging has been so much fun.  I've met many people who have shared their experiences and knowledge with me and I appreciate that very much. 


My huge stone bird.  I need to antique him or her for more personality what do you think?

I wanted to share some photos of our yard and our boy Louie Louie.  That was his name when we rescued him and figured we didn't want to confuse the guy even more.  My favorite name for him is Lulu Belle!

Meet Louie Louie

These hydrengeas are in huge Mexican pot

I love lilies...have them all over.

My husband put this fountain together... so nice when it's running.

Another part of the garden.
Can anyone tell what this plant is called?

Here's my sweet boy...such a loving doggy boy, just can't imagine anyone hurting him.

Also known as Nosey Rosey!

Thank you for visiting and have a safe Fouth of July.

Happy Birthday AMERICA!


  1. Great photos and I love Louie Louie. He is awesome. You have a very nice yard and I bet that pool will get it's use this summer. Have a great Fourth of July and God Bless America. Take care. Enjoyed your post.

  2. I love your Nosey's so funny how they end up getting a hundred names other than their actual ones :-) I'm the same with my dog (who is the absolute love of my life). Hope you have a nice 4th as well. Adore your jewelry! Regards, Sheila

  3. Hello Ladies,

    Thank you for your comments. Take care.


  4. Your photos are beautiful! Your link you left on my site worked! Congrats!
    Queen Bee Studio

  5. What an adorable puppy-wuppy! I have silly nicknames for our Casey too. :P

    Love your beautiful workspace (below) too!

  6. Love your blog, very upbeat!

    Thanks for visiting my blog, “Inspire!” My latest posts are “Successful Living,” “No Happier” and “Celebrate!”



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